"Despicable Me 4" TV Spot
"The Marvels" - Tv Spot
"Star Trek Discovery" - TV Promo
"Scream VI" - TV Spot
"Talk To Me" - Trailer
"The Black Phone" Official Trailer 2
"Nope" - TV Spot
"Valorant" Social Media Spot
''The Peripheral'' Official Trailer
"The Bad Guys" TV Spot


Amadeo Lopez is a media composer and producer from Argentina. His distinctive sound and versatility, which can flow between emotional epic tracks to edgy sound design, has made a place into the Hollywood Movie Trailer industry.  


His music and sound design has been used in Hollywood Trailer campaigns such as THE LION KING, SCREAM VI, THE MARVELS and many more. Another credits include NFL, ESPN, BBC, FOX, NBC, CBS, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, UFC, etc.


Nowadays, he writes and produces for some of the main trailer music labels and major production music companies including Warner Chappell, BMG, and Universal.